Expressive Movement Workshop with Iraya Noble

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on June 19th, 2015

iraya1With bellydance as a starting point, the idea is to go beyond the obvious or more conventional bellydance forms, in order for each participant to discover new movements or shapes that will enrich your dance and expressiveness.

The first hour will focus on bringing awareness into lower body, starting with feet, legs and hips, and understand the connection between them all.

The second part of the workshop will mainly focus on the upper body, experimenting with shapes and various movements involving arms, shoulders, chest and head.

We will finish by trying to combine upper and lower body, mainly through exploring individual and group improvisations, always in a supportive and relaxed environment.The underlying idea is to dance and experiment with what feels right rather than what looks nice, as usually when it feels nice it looks nice too!

Rather than following the style of a specific dancer, what about bringing your own style, and using the movements that feel more comfortable for you? Bellydance keeps evolving thanks to people who bring something unique and distinctive, and each of us has something distinctive that makes our dance unique.

Part One: 12-1pm
Break: 30 minutes
Part Two: 1.30-2.30pm

Bookable as single workshops, part one or part two, and as a full experience package of both part one & part two with an exclusive discount of 20%

Single hour £15
Workshop parts 1&2 package £24

iraya noble dance edinburghYou can secure your space within this fabulous workshop with Iraya, in person at the Little Egypt studio, online at souk shop page or over the telephone on 07853 197 964. (For your convenience a number of payment options exist including credit and debit card processing facilities)

A confirmation email will be sent automatically on processing your booking.

Interest in this workshop has been high and we have a limited number of spaces available so we’d recommend securing your space as soon as possible!

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