Finding Neutral: A Postural Masterclass

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on June 28th, 2017

Pelvic Alignment Finding NeutralYou may have heard these instructions within dance & movement classes before: “Tuck your hips” “Tailbone pointing downwards” “hips in neutral”

What do they actually mean?
What is “neutral”?
What is YOUR neutral and how can you improve it?

True understanding brings about true results.

Finding Neutral: A Postural Masterclass
Saturday 1st July 2017, 11am-1pm, Little Egypt Studio, 11c Murieston Lane, EH11 2LX

During this postural masterclass we will work together to answer these questions and more. Conducting a personal postural analysis and applying our findings to your own unique physiology both theoretically and practically.

Freeing you from risk of injury, back pain, joint pain, muscular tension, fatigue, migraine, digestive issues and improving your quality of movement and physical life experience.

This workshop will be delivered by Lindsey who’s expertise has been sought out by Edinburgh Council, Midlothian Council, Health Wellbeing & Social Sciences at Edinburgh College & Heriot Watt University.

Please dress in stretchy form-fitting clothing and bring an exercise mat. Learning materials will be provided.

Class size will be small in order that individual needs can be met.

Booking is essential. 2hr workshop £25. Visit the studio website to secure your space in this valuable teaching.


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