Workshops Oct 2010

Posted by +Bellydancingbarbie on October 17th, 2010

And another wonderful workshop.. DONE!

For me each bellydance experience is different, each workshop is different and, as such, you never know the energy on the day until it arrives. You can’t plan energy it’s a living thing, all you can do is imagine and for me that’s where the experience starts, with my imagination, my very vivid imagination..

My aim with these taster workshops, as ever, was to achieve a balance of informative teaching with vibrant and enthused delivery. A sample “taster” of BellyBasics™ and ChoreoImpro™ satisfying in itself. Is it fair to say I nailed it?!

It was incredible to dance with such enthusiastic ladies!! Our energy mirrored and towards the finale the vibe was almost euphoric. Charged with energy. It’s a delight to share these experiences with you all.

..”Sorry Corrie your bums out the windae, Desperate Housewives we ain’t, these are the experiences that connect us, that make women feel truly alive”!!

As mentioned I have various workshops bouncing around inside, just dying to burst out so if, unfortunately, you were one of the ladies who missed the boat this time fear not little lady, keep checking back and get in quick as there’s a few more where those ones came from!

Looking forward to dancing with you soon!

Lindsey Xx.

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