Imagine the dynamic impact of a live Bellydancer at your event...
....Marvel as that beautifully expressive belly dancer whisks your guests away to somewhere heady, exotic & exciting!

Belly Dancer Hire

At BDB we provide authentic & bespoke professional belly dance entertainment.

From first dramatic entrance through to our graceful departure, you and your guests will be captivated by skillful mesmerising moves, the opulence of oriental costume and the resonant rhythms of Arabic music.

Proud to be trained and experienced in delivering high quality performance & group teaching, we are excellent at reading an audience and perfectly good humoured! Maintaining professionalism and friendliness throughout.

All performances are unique to your event, never to be repeated in the same way again. Providing a one-of-a-kind experience to mark your special event and ensure your guests remember it for years to come.

With appearances at your chosen venue or ours and services to suit all occasions, this is Middle East meets West at it's very best.

All preparations will be carried out before the event so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy!

Get the dancing started, charge the atmosphere and fill the room with the party vibe. Browse our popular packages and contact us to...

Add some sparkle to your event!

  • Belly Dancer Hire - Performance

    Recommended for any occasion and guaranteed to add that dynamic wow factor you desire, your guests will talk about this long after the event.

    From a 20 minute spectacle to an entire 3 hour show, we can accommodate most requests.

  • 20 Minute Appearance

    Includes 2 performances with veils/cane and 1 costume.


  • 45 Minute Appearance

    Includes 2-3 performances with veils/cane, 1-2 costumes, optional brief audience participation and photo opportunity with belly dancer.


  • 1 Hour Appearance

    Includes 4 performances with veils/cane/isis wings, 3 costumes, optional audience participation praising any guests of honor and photo opportunity with belly dancer.


  • 1.5 - 2.5 Hour Appearance

    Includes multiple performances with veils/cane/isis wings, costume changes, optional audience participation praising any guests of honor and photo opportunity with belly dancer, plus any additional bespoke elements as agreed in advance.

    £300 +

  • 3 Hour Show

    A show uniquely tailored to your event. A plethora of performances of cabaret style, folk and fusion belly dance with corresponding music, props and costume changes.

    Optional additional dancers, subject to availability on your chosen date. Optional audience participation and photo opportunity with belly dancer/s. Optional storytelling through dance ie 'the search for true love'.


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  • Belly Dancer Hire - Performance & Mini Lesson

    Recommended for any occasion where you'd like to create an exciting and joyous atmosphere.

    With this option you can offer your guests a beautiful and dynamic performance to watch, followed by a short mini lesson of belly dance trademark moves and a chance to try out this gorgeous and mysterious dance for themselves.

    You and your guests will feel exhilarated, energised and will share in this memory forever!

  • 1 Hour Appearance

    Includes 2 performances with props and a fun mini lesson giving a breakdown of some of the basic moves.


  • 2 Hour Appearance

    Includes extended performances with props, 2 dazzling costumes, a fun & informative mini lesson and photo opportunity with your belly dancer.


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  • Belly Dancer Hire - Parties

    Our belly dance parties offer a special and unique experience for friends.

    Appealing to everyone, they are sociable, healthy and great fun. Combining the best of everything belly dance, they are delivered with genuine enthusiasm.

    Get your glad rags on girls, we're having a party!

    Bellydancingbarbie can arrange a venue if required, at additional cost. We can also recommend a variety of add-ons from costuming & music cd's to hair, beauty, henna artistry and photography

  • Arabian Goddess Party

    Recommended for hen parties and all-female birthday parties, yummy mummy's and girly get togethers, this suggestion is the perfect blend of oohs and ahhs.

    Great fun, the party includes a 1 hour group lesson, up to ½ hour of professional belly dance performances and a music CD for your guest of honour, enabling you to carry on belly dancing even after we've left.

    Let your hair down and see your group in a whole new light!


  • Cleopatra Prom

    Includes mini lesson with zesty choreography set to an awesome tune! There'll be some performance tips to share with your girlfriends, a professional performance to watch and open floor to shake your shimmy!

    "..You never really knew that you could dance like this!.."


  • Nefertiti Disco

    A crazy-fun mini lesson packed with energetic moves and a simple choreography followed by a lively disco with incredible tunes to shimmy to until you're whisked away on a magical carpet ride

    A real opportunity to sparkle!


  • Princess Jasmine Party

    The girls will have enormous amounts of fun fluttering around the room with pretty, delicate princess moves and graceful balletic twirls as they combine dance with storytelling.

    Any Little Princes in attendance will be given the option of very bold and noble movements to perform as they play hero within the story.

    Lindsey is wonderful with children. She understands the anatomy and physiology of their little bodies and they quickly take to her charisma and enthusiasm. Her ability to engage the imagination is magnificent!


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  • Belly Dancer Hire - Teacher/Fitness Instructor

    Provided both weekly and as one-off special events.

    A variety of sessions are available from fun dance classes and choreographies to more educational and informative talks.

    We work with individuals, local community centres, women's social groups, youth groups, educational establishments, workplaces, private and public leisure facilities and other dance schools.

  • Personal Belly Dance Tuition

    Private belly dance tuition available in the comfort of your own home.

    For 1-3 people

    £35 per hour

  • Personal Fitness Training

    Hire a trained professional dance fitness instructor to deliver BellyJam?

    The exciting new aerobic belly dance class!

    This fun class combines cardio range bellydance moves with high energy Arabic beats. Its move sequences are designed to be easy enough for everyone to follow and to engage the entire body in exhilirating exercise. The resulting class delivers feel good, calorie burning belly dance fitness!

    BellyJam targets heart and lung health like no other belly dance class!

    It's fun and fitness in one and makes for a vibrant exchange within any group!

    £35 per hour

  • Workshops

    1-3 hour classes covering theory, technique and performance tips.

    Available as one-off Taster Workshops or more specific Focus Workshops and in blocks of classes. Any chosen venue.

    For 3+ people


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  • Belly Dancer Hire - PR & Media

    We have a growing list of prestigious clients, small businesses and individuals whom we have worked with to provide something that stands out from the crowd, something a bit different!

    From PR events, media photocalls, modelling, corporate events, wedding fairs, hair shows, launch parties, fashion shows... the list goes on...

    Please get in touch with some details of what you have in mind.

    We've done some sensational and wacky things and are most definitely open to your creativity!

  • Some of our previous PR & Media events

    - Edinburgh Evening News - Media photocall, Top story
    - Stripecom, Media Photocall
    - BAA Edinburgh Airport, Media Photocall
    - Ryanair - Performance, Media Photocall
    - Tesco Fashion Show - Modelling
    - The Bakehouse - Performance, Advertising Campaign

    Edinburgh Evening News Stripe Communications BAA Edinburgh Airport Ryanair Tesco

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  • Belly Dancer Hire - Philanthropy

    The Bellydancingbarbie ethos is about bringing true positive change to the health & wellbeing of others. If we can do this and bring joy to the community through sharing our talent then we have fulfilled our mission! With this in mind, throughout the year a number of performances are donated to charity.

    If you are organising a charity event please feel free to get in touch and we'll see what we can do to help make your event go with a bang!

    All we ask for in return is some good exposure at your event and your endeavour to use this donation to the maximum benefit of your chosen charity.

  • Some of our previous charity work

    - Edinburgh's Telford College, Student - Modelling & Performance
    - "Just Because" - Charity Hafla (All ticket proceeds from event)
    - Lothian & Borders Police Family Fun Day - Health & Fitness
    - Corstorphine Fair - Performance & Mini Lesson
    - Ladies Community Group - Workshop
    - Brazilian Night - Performance

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Our friend had tears in her eyes, she was so moved by your opening performance!!
Thanks for an amazing party.

Jenni - Hen Party

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At Bellydancingbarbie we provide authentic & bespoke bellydance entertainment. The above are some popular requests, should you have a specific request we can put something together for you!

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